Quent Noizet

LAST NAME : Noizet
FIRST NAME : Quentin
PASSIONS : Music, animals and philosophy
VICES : Being in part a Metal fan because some says that we adore Satan!
PHILOSOPHY : “Reason is the only thing that makes us men” René Descartes.
MUSICAL PATH : 18 years of saxophone and almost as much with drums. First and second cycle of music theory in musical school. Improvement in Saxophone at the CFPM of Villeurbanne. Multiples experiences in different bands: from Jazz to Death Metal through classical duet and participation to the « Biennales de la Danse » as a saxophonist.
FAVORITE INSTRUMENT(S) : Both Saxo and drums: in my point of view, they are complementary !
EQUIPEMENT(S) : Premier XPK Drums, Rack Gibraltar, Pearl Double Pedal and Snare Drum, Zildjan, Paiste, Ufip and Sabian Cymbals
MUSICAL IDOLS : Namtar (Carach Angren), Mickael Akerfeldt-Steven Wilson, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Vivaldi, Brahms, Beethoven, Schumann, Bach, Mozart, Stephan Forté, Eric Lebailly, Gene Hoglan, Richard Christy, Julien Loureau, Stéphane Guillaume, Gavin Harrisson, Martin Lopez, Martin Axznrot, George Kollias, Derek Roddy and many other…
FAVORITE BANDS : Carach Angren, Opeth, Adagio, Death, Emperor, De Profundis, Arch Ennemy, Amberian Dawn, Graveworm, Manowar, Heavenly, Nightwish, After Forever, Behemoth, Belphegor, Symphony X, Iron Maiden, Maleficencia, Septic Flesh, Placebo.
HIS 5 FAVORITE ALBUMS : Death : Symbolic. Opeth: Deliverance. Adagio : Sanctus Ignis. De Profundis : The emptiness Within. Carach Angren : Death came through a phantom ship.
FAVORITE BOOKS : « Traité sur la Tolérance » of Voltaire. « Eldorado » of Laurent Gaudé. « Les Méditations Poétiques » of Alphonse de Lamartine.
FAVORITE FILMS : Le Bossu ou Lagardère, The Three Musketeers, Robinhood, The Mask, The Fifth Element, and many other!
FAVORITE TV SHOWS : Dr House, Scrubs, Friends, 7th Heaven, Heartbreak High, all the TV series with the Olsen sisters, Prince of Bel-Air, Sabrina …
FAVORITE DRINK : Coteaux du Layon, Coke and other soft drinks, Bordeaux, Red or White Martini, Rum.
FAVORITE FOOD : Vegetarian and Spicy!
CHILD DREAM : I don’t remember, I have Amnesia…
FAVORITE COLOR : Purple, Red, Burgundy and Green.
FAVORITE ANIMAL : The snake: Reticulated or Indian Python. Feline in general, wolf and fox.
WHAT MAKES HIM LAUGH : Pierre Desproges, Devos, Dubosc, “Les interdits” of Coluche, tickles and animals with a strange physiognomy.
WHAT HE DOES NOT STAND : Cheese, sarcasm and irony, terrorism, Machos and procurers!
WHERE HE WOULD LIKE TO GO : In Sahara, Grand Canyon, Scandinavia, Tanzania, Australia, in the Caribbean, Greece, Pologne and Brazil.
WORST NIGHTMARE : The end of the world!
IF YOU COULD MEET SOMEONE, DEAD OR ALIVE : Namtar (again), Martin Lopez, Gene Hoglan, John Coltrane, Molière, Victor Hugo, Voltaire and Diderot.

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