Aux Portes du Metal – Published in February, the 10th 2016 – Orion
Dreamslave est un groupe français fondé en 2011 qui a sorti par ses propres moyens il y a quelques mois son premier album longue durée chroniqué ici. Et déjà, ce qui frappe à l’écoute de ce premier album du groupe, c’est son professionnalisme, aussi bien au niveau de la composition, de l’interprétation et même de la production tout à fait honorable (l’album a été auto-produit). Il était donc temps de vous en parler, surtout que Dreamslave entame dans quelques jours sa première grosse tournée européenne en support de Lyriel.

The Blood-Brain Barrier Scientist – Published in December, the 16th 2015 – Abe
Thanks to the holidays season, I can catch up on my album reviews that I underwent during fall but never had time to write down my review and critique. One of the album that I particularly liked came earlier in October from the French metal band Dreamslave, a metal band from Lyon, France. This is their first full-released album and as I usually do, I have it go through the commuting test.

MetalDream – Published in December, the 2nd 2015 – David
Alors déjà, je voudrais saluer, la démarche de la chanteuse du groupe, Emma, qui sachant que je ne suis pas un fan du style Sympho, ou orchestral métal, m’a tout de même envoyé son album, qui est sorti en Mai 2015, si je ne m’abuse. Une démarche d’une sincérité déconcertante, car plutôt que d’envoyer l’album à seulement ceux qui sont fans assidus du genre, elle a compté sur ma sincérité critique.

The Rocker – Reviews roundup – Jameson Raid vs. Dreamslave vs. Close Quarters, Published in october, the 21st, 2015 by STUARTAHAMILTON
Off to France now, to meet up with as female fronted orchestral metal band.  Oh, yes, even the French are doing this now.
Elegy Emma is the young lady in question, although I suspect that may not be her real name.  There are also the requisite growls from Peter Gothilainen, and it’s plain to see that they are following on from the big names of the genre, ticking all the boxes you need for this kind of thing.
But they are good at it, because they can actually write songs, and numbers like ‘Masquerade’ , ‘Doomsday’ and ‘Pirate’s Anthem’ really do sound good.  Fans of symphonic metal should give it a listen, and if female fronted metal is your thing, then it really is required listening.

French Metal – Dreamslave – Rest In Phantasy – Published in october 2015 by Alexandra
After a first EP released in 2012, Dreamslave releases now his very first album called « Rest In Phantasy », self-produced. Recorded in NoiseFirm with the members of the band Dyslesia, the band worked doubly hard by joining a real studio this time, and by integrating a choir and orchestrations to his compositions. Regarding the booklet and the artwork of the album, they are both sober and elaborated…

Facebook – Dreamslave Rest In Phantasy – Chronicle of a anonymous Metal fan – Published in August, the 21st, 2015 by Xav Darblanc
Foreword: Careful, the critic is easy, but Art is extremely complicated. All my critics in this article are only engaging my feeling toward the production and absolutely not its inherent quality.
Ok… let’s say that this album is “LETHAL DOSE OF EPICNESS”… Yeah, that’s right…

Les Autres Mondes – Dreamslave – Rest In Phantasy – Published  in August, the 8th, 2015 by Le Renard
Discovered by chance in a concert during an evening around Lyon, the band Dreamslave had rather impressed me. Their live representation was pretty impressive, so I wanted to know more about them and discover in details their music. The band was created a few years before, and after a first EP released in 2012, Dreamslave releases this year its first album called “Rest In Phantasy”. It is this album that I will try to present.

Ravenheart Music – Album Reviews – Dreamslave – Rest In Phantasy – Published in August, the 8th, 2015 by The Nugget
Dreamslave fronted by a young lady named Emma come from Lyon in France, and play a style of Symphonic/Operatic Power Metal, with occasional growls from Cedric who also takes care of the keytar dept. There are 12 tracks here on this their debut full length, of consistent upbeat Symphonic Metal to keep those taste buds (or should I say eardrums?) happy.

Soils Chronicles – Dreamslave – Rest In Phantasy – Published in June, the 29th, 2015 by Bloodybarbie
Hey hey! It is here! The first album of Dreamslave: “Rest In Phantasy”! I discovered this band from Lyon in a concert and since this first big slap in the face that I received, from now on , I will not miss any one of their concert. I have to say that if there is one French Symphonic Metal band with female voice that we can be proud of, it is Dreamslave.

Metal France – Extended Play – Dreamslave (Ep) – Published in February, the 2nd, 2013 by Requin Volant
It happens sometimes that little bands inspire you when you see them in concert, and that you decide to make a chronicle about their EP to have a definitive idea of their music…

Spirit Of Metal – Extended Play – A nice surprise – Published in June, the 5th 2012 by Téthanor
Dreamslave is a young band from Lyon, practicing a Symphonic Heavy Metal with female voice. Created in 2011 and composed of 5 members, the singing is shared between the singer Emma and the Death voice appearances of the Keyboard (Cedric, not to tell his name). So, the band offers us at the beginning of 2012 its first…

Live Reports

French Metal – Published in March, the 16th, 2017 – Zemurion
Formé en 2011, Dreamslave est un groupe lyonnais que j’ai bien suivi à ses débuts mais que je n’avais pas eu l’occasion de revoir sur scène depuis 2013. Ce soir, ils sont de retour en territoire lyonnais pour présenter leur album paru en 2015, « Rest In Phantasy ».

Musique Alliance.FR – Le Korigan in October, the 23rd, 2015 : live-report – Published in October, the 24th, 2015 by Yannik Ruf
Coming straight from Lyon, Dreamslave have played in the second part of the evening. In a Gothic style, the singer adorned with a beautiful black dress with sails so enchanted the audience with music that completely differed from the previous group. A kind of electro-gothic melody mixed with incredible Nightwish which gave an exceptional tempo that evening. Incredible !

Les Autres Mondes – MJC O Totem – Published in April, the 22nd, 2015 by Firiel
After a quick change of settings, there are well dress musicians in costumes who are coming on stage. Esthetically, it is high standing! The band is named Dreamslave, they are from Lyon and start their concert off to wheel. The musicians are very professional…

French Metal – HBC MJC O Totem – Published in March, the 23rd, 2013 by Alexandra
After the stage set changes quite quickly, the show continues with DREAMSLAVE, a Symphonic Heavy Metal band from Lyon…

Sons of Metal – HBC La Marquise – Published in January, 30, 2013 by Kouni
Radical changing of atmosphere with Dreamslave. We abandon the horror, bad frequented asylums and zombies, for a world depicted with Fantasy. In fact, the band from Lyon evolves in the Symphonic Metal area…

La Grosse Radio – HOS V MJC O Totem – Published in October, the 13th 2012 by Sanguine Sky
The first group who comes on stage this Saturday is Dreamslave from Lyon. Not really easy to begin a festival, especially when the formation is still quite young and has not done a lot of concert…

Magic Fire Music – HOS V MJC O Totem – Published in October, the 6th 2012 by Elfe Melwynn & Tuco
Beginning of the concerts programmed at 5pm (well… that is pretty early for a concert), it is around 5,15pm that we arrived there and we noticed with astonishment that Dreamslave’s playlist had already begun!!! This band from Lyon…

Pavillon 666 – HOS V MJC O Totem – Published in October, the 6th 2012 by Der.Lehrer
And this is the young band from Lyon DREAMSLAVE that has the honor to start this evening a little bit earlier than planned. Emma, the singer, originally from Paris has undeniable vocal talents, a melodious voice, clear and refreshing, with some accents remembering EPICA or NIGHTWISH. DREAMSLAVE plays a Symphonic Heavy with keyboards, with good quality…

Heavylaw – Metal Café – Published in April, the 5th, 2012 by Spade
The first band of the evening is Dreamslave, who has just released an EP and is giving us a kind of old Nightwish but more aggressive. Because of the configuration of the room, the sound is not optimal, a little bit too raw and drowning a slightest the singing in the mixing, but a slopping sound is avoided despite everything and the first song “Masquerade” is quite good and shows us a band apparently happy to be here…


Acier Doux – Published in July, the 16th, 2017 – Med Manef Slama
Hello from Hell Med Manef Slama! Many thanks to you and the “Acier Doux Metal Management & Promotions Tunisia” team for granting us an interview. Dreamslave is a French orchestral metal band formed in Lyon in 2011. The band released a self-produced “Extended Play” in 2012, and then its first album “Rest in Fantasy” recorded in a professional studio in 2015. More recently Dreamslave also played in several countries during a European tour in 2016.

Aux Portes du Metal – Published in February, the 10th 2016 – Orion
Hello Orion ! Merci à toi et à l’équipe du webzine «Aux Portes du Metal» de nous accorder une interview. Dreamslave est une formation de metal orchestral français de Lyon.

Radio Canut – Patchworld – Made in September, the 25th, 2015 by Delphine
The emission 141 is devoted to Dreamslave.
Guests of the day : Emma, Peter and Nils.
Discover all animate radio programs by Delphine here.

Spirit Of Metal – Made in February 2013 by Xavier74
The singer of Dreamslave, Emma, answered to an interview in the company of all the musicians of Dreamslave.
Hello Dreamslave, could you present yourself ?
Hello Xavier, first, we are delighted that you granted us an interview…