Dreamslave is a French Orchestral Metal band with a female voice and eclectic influences. It was founded in Lyon in 2011 by Peter Gothilainen and Mickaël Zanuttini.
Both musicians, who shared a common interest for Melodic Power Metal, met one year before. After some covers and a few drinks or (maybe was it the other way)… Mickaël’s quill brought Peter’s burgeoning musical compositions to life… The Adventure began !

The musicians JR Ritsch, Elegy Emma and Quent’ Noizet, joined the project and the end of the year was devoted to recording in a home studio an eponymous Extended Play with five music tracks.


Photo credit : Dixtav


Photo credit : Dixtav

Concerts, festivals, meet-and-greet, columns, interviews, photo shootings, artistic collaborations… depict the years 2012 and 2013, offering to the band the opportunity to forge links and share particular moments with artists and public.
Year 2014 is marked by the work on the first professional album, without actually stopping concerts… on the road again !

As the home studio demo of the album is finished, the recordings can finally begin in a professional studio… the 1st of April.

A considerable amount of work is necessary for the band and the professionals working at the studio «NoiseFirm» : Thierry Lebourg and Sylvain De Nicola. The band’s and guest’s recordings, the orchestra and choirs integration, mixing and the complete mastering will almost take twelve months.

Dreamslave releases its first album “Rest In Phantasy”, self-produced and supported by sponsorship in may 2015, the 25th. The band stays close to the fans using social networks by sharing with them backstage’s stuff.
Dreamslave also unveil its brand new album cover with Gothic and Victorian influences and puts its website with a sales platform online.


Photo credit : Yoan Humbert


Photo credit : Dreamslave

The line-up, stable since several years, changes after Mike’s departure, and later JR’s, welcoming Nils Orka at the guitar.
The band already played in France but also in Italy and Switzerland alongside bands such as Arkona, Markize, Aevum or Whyzdom and During March 2015 it gived 10 shows all over Europe with LYRIEL.

Dreamslave has multiples awakening projects for the future with some audios, videos and maybe more fancifull ideas. The two new members, Sajih on Bass and Louis Nas on the guitar will bring additional energy for that.

Dreamslave evolves in an eclectic universe, mixing several influences such as classical, baroque, celtic but also oriental and even electronic music… with texts full of fantasy and poetry.
Dreamslave creates a theatrical, emotional and orchestral atmosphere and loves to share it on stage.


Photo credit: Loopol